Siberian Language Camp

Novosibirsk, Russia
Summer 2017
Elementary Level (TEL/A1)
Study Russian from the beginning


Basic Level (TBL/A2)
Continue to study Russian


The First Certification Level (TORFL-1/B1)
Speak Russian fluently

Novosibirsk Zoo
Novosibirsk zoo is one of the largest zoos in Russia. Covers an area of 63 hectares, it contains about 11 000 individuals 756 species. More than 350 species are listed in the International red book. In Novosibirsk zoo there is one of the world's finest collections of representatives of felids and mustelids.


COST: 6 euro per person
Altai is not only the pearl of Siberia, but of Asia also. The great future has been intended to this Magnificent midpoint. It is one of the most beautiful places of our country. Golden Mountains of Altai is the name of an UNESCO World Heritage. This place is full of adventure, mystery, dignity and energy.

COST: 120 euro per person
Russian Banya
Banya (a Russian type of sauna) is one of the oldest Russian traditions. Despite the fact that this tradition is several centuries old, the banya is popular even today. You can find banyas in large cities and small towns. Nowadays, the ritual of visiting the banya is mainly for enjoyment and relaxation.

COST: 25 euro per person
Berd rocks
"Berd rocks" is nature monument of regional importance, it was created in 2000 by the decision of Novosibirsk regional Council of deputies. Its area is more then 27 hectares of beautiful unique landscapes. "Berd rocks" is unique natural area of the Novosibirsk region, not only in its aesthetic value, but in scientific significance as well.

COST: 30 euro per person
Waterpark Akvamir
When you visit Waterpark "Akvamir", you'll know right away you're somewhere special.The city's first and largest indoor waterpark in Russia. Featuring an exciting mix of rides, slides and adventures, it's an incredible time for the whole family. Waterpark "Akvamir" will go beyond your expectations.
No matter what the weather is like outside, you can splish splash all day long indoors at Akvamir.

COST: 30 euro per person
Museum of Railway
The length of the exhibition grounds is about three miles away. The Museum offers the visitor an impressively comprehensive collection of railway technics. It contains a large variety of steam locomotives, diesel locomotives, electric locomotives, wagons, mostly working on the Railways of Western Siberia.The Museum organises numerous activities and also hosts various temporary exhibitions.

COST: 3 euro per person
Large Novosibirsk Planetarium is the largest astrophysical center in Siberia, which is considered the most equipped in terms of modern technical equipment. The center occupies the fourth place among all planetariums built in Russia
Visiting Novosibirsk Planetarium, you have not only the opportunity to observe the sky, but also have the chance to feel yourself in space.

COST: 5 euro per person
The Siberian Husky
The Siberian Husky is a beautiful dog with a thick coat that comes in a multitude of colors. Their blue or multi-colored eyes and striking facial masks only add to the appeal of this breed, which was originated in Siberia. It is easy to see why many are drawn to the Siberian's wolf-like looks, but be aware that this athletic, intelligent dog can be independent and challenging for first-time dog owners.You can make beutiful pictures or just hang out with friendly dog.
COST: 10 euro per person
Hight Quality
Study in an internationally recognized and regularly inspected language center.The Eurasian Language Center is offering the highest quality language instruction and assessment. With course offerings in more than 6 languages, ELC programs are proficiency-oriented and standards-based. Our school meets all international quality standards.

Good Support
Our experienced and friendly staff of native Russian speakers can help you with all your questions: your Russian visa, accommodation, bank account and any problems students may face while studying abroad. You will receive personalised control from our teachers from your first day until your departure. Our friendly team is always ready to answer your questions.
Modern Approach
Quality syllabus and new outstanding teaching methods are proving their efficiency from day to day. Our language programs emphasize doing rather than knowing. Our students learn to speak, listen, read, and write in ways that are useful in a real world. We help you to combine language learning with communicative approach and cultural immersion, which includes excursions to nearby sights and attractions.

I was very pleased with the amount of speaking which we were required to do in each lesson, and with the variety of exercises used in each lesson. Our teachers were encouraging, patient and good at challenging us to use the language skills we have so far gained to the best of our ability. The perfect place to make new friends.
Hana Ljubicic
Student of ELC
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Eurasion Language Centre is a great school where you can learn a lot and have a real nice time with the other students from all over the world. The teachers are professional, really helpful, friendly and the lessons well organised. A lot of activities are proposed to the students who want to discover the country and its history and culture. I highly recommend this camp to the persons who want to improve their russian language.
Ioana Loredana Stana
Student of ELC
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I spent 3 weeks in this school. It wasn`t just the regular school, it was simply the best experience of my life. I will miss my teachers and friends from different places around the worls. I learnt so much in their classes, the city that felt like home.
Hope one day I will come back to Russia!
I`ll remind those months my whole life.

Madalina Costea
Student of ELC
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Novosibirsk is one the best cities i`ve ever been. It`s beutiful, the air is fresh, the lanscape is amazing. Russian Language is difficult, even more difficult than english or any other european language, it is still intersting and exciting to learn. Teachers in ELC are patient and always ready to help. I will exactly recommend you to experience summer camp.
Neo Gao
Student of ELc
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